CranioSacral Therapy                Sarah Woodard, CST-D - "Many Hands Make Light Work"
Meaningful Connections
The classes, organizations and events below are ones that I heartily support or participate in. 
Integrative Intentions is dedicated to the integrity of wholeism, the integration of body, mind and spirit including our relationships with each other, with our environment and with other species.  They bring together a broad range of skilled CranioSacral Therapists for week-long healing programs. 
      I am trained as a Comprehensive Therapy Program leader, Primary Therapist and Mentor for Integrative Intentions.  See the Integrative Intentions web site for schedule of programs worldwide.

      Upledger Institute 
Offers a full training program for all levels of CranioSacral Therapy around the world.  I am a Certified Teaching Assistant, Mentor, ShareCare presenter and Study Group Leader for this organization.

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