CranioSacral Therapy                Sarah Woodard, CST-D - "Many Hands Make Light Work"
We have several events a year on our 117 acre ranch near Mendocino.  The heat of Anderson Valley meets the cooling coastal redwoods on our Western ridge.  With miles of trails, a beautiful barn with dining and dorms, and a generous outdoor campfire for warm gatherings, it is an ideal place for gatherings.  

Beginning SER Retreat, May 24-28, 2018 
Be nurtured and supported in exploring, reviewing and deepening CST/SER protocol.  Help prepare for exam, 4-day CST review & immersion on glorious Mendocino redwoods.  Swim, hike, and practice!  Small group mentoring credit given. Required:  minimum SER1.  $400 includes meals and accommodations!   
To register: OR on Schedulicity

Advanced SER Retreat, June 15-18, 2018
This retreat is for advanced practitioners, veterans of multi-hands work.  We will treat and be treated in full sessions, and explore language, context and container. Therapists from around the US bring diverse and advanced skills, and receive deep work from colleagues.  The retreat is held at our 117 acre ranch, Spirit Springs, in the Mendocino Redwoods.  Arrive June 14 in late afternoon, and depart June 18 after lunch.  $350 included meals and accommodations.
To register:  call or email Sarah 510-525-8287, OR sign up on Schedulicity 

Individual Retreats in our retreat cabins
Our lovely retreat cabins are available for individual retreats.  Hand hewn and built, they are located in lovely private spaces around the pond and barn.  Cooking and bathing facilities are close by.  Each cabin has 12 volt lights, its own wood stove, comfortable bed, and small desk/shrine.  They  are perfect for solo meditation, writing or creativity retreat.  Each has a small deck, and lots of light for true peace and solitude.  $40 per day, make your own meals in our communal kitchen.  

To make arrangements for individual retreat, please contact Chuck Keene at 510-367-6112 or email